Presentation Requirements.

Below are the set-up requirements for Bernadette's speaking engagements. Please keep in mind that some of these are flexible depending on your specific situation. Please contact info (at) gayweddinginstitute.com if you need to adjust any of these requirements for your event.

Microphone: Bernadette prefers a lavalier microphone and requires a microphone for audiences greater than 50.

Computer: Bernadette uses a Macbook Pro. All cords and adapters will need to be provided by the venue as well as any necessary extension cords. Please provide a wireless remote/clicker.

Software: Bernadette uses PowerPoint. The presentation is saved to the hard drive as well as to a DropBox folder accessible from any internet connected computer. Any music and video files will be pre-embedded into the presentation.

Projection System: An LCD projector is required.

Audio: For certificate courses only, presentations will include music or video files and audio is required. Any necessary audio adapters will need to be provided by the venue.

Staging: A podium or table is required if Bernadette is presenting from her laptop on stage. 

Lighting: Bernadette prefers to see and connect with her audience and requires that the houselights not be all the way down while she is presenting.

Recording: A separate, signed agreement is required if you would like to record Bernadette's presentations in any format. Licensing fees may apply depending on how you plan to distribute or use the recording after the event. 

Copyright: Bernadette retains full copyright and intellectual property rights on all her presentations.   

Presentation Style: While her presentations are prepared ahead of time, Bernadette makes final edits at the last minute so that she can incorporate current events and issues specific to each audience. Where applicable, Bernadette also requires an up-to-date list of attendees no later than two days prior to the presentation