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Books and Templates

Download these easy to use, Microsoft Word, fully editable templates of common wedding planning questionnaires and forms to be inclusive of all your clients and prepare your business for same-sex weddings. NOTE if you buy the book, this will be sent to you in the mail, not as a digital download.

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  • Wedding Information Form for DJs and Bands

    Wedding Information Form for DJs and Bands

    Just for Wedding DJs and Bands! Download this editable Microsoft Word wedding couple information form and music selection worksheet so you can be instantly prepared for same-sex weddings. This editable form contains a contact information section as well as gender-neutral, inclusive ways of asking musical questions about common wedding traditions. Appropriate for all couples so there's no need for two separate forms. Instant download and ready to use!

    NOTE: these templates do not go into the WHY of gender-neutral language, or the HOW of interacting with LGBT couples -- so if you're looking for that information, check out our book first!