To Bake or Not to Bake

UPDATE (6/4/18): Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the baker, effectively giving him permission to discriminate against same-sex couples on religious grounds. The ruling was very narrow and specific to his case and cannot be applied to other cases. There is still an open question about whether discrimination on religious (or artistic) grounds is acceptable.  More

The LGBT Wedding Survey Results are In


67 Percent of Engaged Same-Sex Couples Want to Hire Businesses with LGBT Wedding Experience

Yesterday I had a phone call from a wedding photographer I know in Massachusetts. She received an inquiry from a same-sex couple that specifically was looking for a photographer who had experience photographing same-sex weddings and wanted my advice on how to respond since she didn't have any such experience.   More

If I Can't Make Your Course, How Do I Learn About LGBT Weddings?

I know a lot of wedding professionals want to be certified by the Gay Wedding Institute, but might not have the ability to participate in one of our live courses (which is a full day course) or in our monthly webinar series which is generally offered at 1 PM Eastern once a week for three weeks.   More

Global Marriage Equality Infographic

My friends over at GayDestinationWeddings.com put together this very cool infographic showing marriage equality stats as they are represented by a one, globetrotting couple. Very fun, and definitely more to come!  More

2013 Same-Sex Marriage Data

14 Stories, in conjunction with Community Marketing Inc, surveyed over 900 married and engaged same-sex couples in August/September 2013 and the results are fascinating. This is the largest survey ever conducted on their marriage trends, nearly doubling the 500 responses we had from our 2010-2011 survey.  Here are some of the impressive insights:  More

What Percentage of Millennials Support Same-Sex Marriage?

When you are thinking about your own marketing strategy and whether or not to be bold in your LGBT inclusivity (as opposed to passively making your marketing materials gender neutral), look around at your current client base.  Are they Millennials?  68% of Millennial Americans support same-sex marriage (though many of their parents may not).  If you decide to have LGBT-inclusive language or photos, your Millennial clients may like you more for it.  Though again, their parents may not if they are involved in the wedding.  More

Facts and Figures Related to LGBT Issues in Maryland, Washington and Maine

Following up on the last post, here are some important bits of info on marriage equality in Maryland, Washington and Maine.   NOTE:  As of 9:23AM EST on November 7, Washington has not officially declared the marriage equality vote as passed, but it's been declared unofficially by many sources.  More

14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute in New York Magazine

We were honored to be featured in New York Magazine's wedding issue once again, this time sharing some gay wedding etiquette and data from the Gay Wedding Institute .  A few of our couples were also interviewed!  Check out the story below!  More

The High Cost of Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Cost of Marriage Inequality  More