¿Creo una sección aparte para las bodas igualitarias?

I have seen many questions that come from the mainstream of bloggers weddings (that is, not LGBT) on whether or not to have a separate blog for LGBT weddings section. This is a great question because there is now marriage equality across the country, a wedding is really a wedding and same-sex couples should not get special treatment for it, but equal treatment.   More

How Do I Find Photos of Same-Sex Couples for Marketing if I Haven't Booked Any Yet?

One of the questions I get most often from wedding professionals is "how do I attract same-sex couples to my business?" It seems like a pretty simple question but the solution is not as easy as you would think.

Same-sex couples are actively looking for wedding professionals that show their support of marriage equality and LGBT weddings. One of the ways that you as a wedding professional can show your support of marriage equality is by including images on your website of same-sex couples at their wedding. If you've never worked on a same-sex wedding before you might not have these images. The Gay Wedding Institute is always here to help.

Check out our stock photo collection and buy a ready to use, instant download images. These images will send a signal to a couple who is perusing your website that you do support marriage equality and would love to work on them with their LGBT wedding. LGBT couples want to feel included. We want to see images of people like us as we're looking for wedding professionals.

After you get over the hurdle and book that first same-sex couple, chances are you'll have their images to use on your website and in your marketing materials - but until then our stock photography collection is a great place to start building your client base of same-sex couples.

Images of a same-sex couple getting married are available to you with prices as low as $33 per high-resolution image.  More

New Course: Same-Sex Weddings for Photographers

My friend Kristin Korpos who is an attorney and also a talented wedding photographer, created a Udemy course, "Same-Sex Weddings for Photographers".  This course is intensive and helps wedding photographers understand the nuances of photographing same-sex weddings, as well as an in-depth understanding of the LGBT community.  More

Weddings Unveiled Magazine Rejects Ad With Two Brides

If you're in the wedding industry, you may have caught the story floating around Facebook and Twitter about Anne Almasy, the wedding photographer from Atlanta who bought an ad in Weddings Unveiled magazine, only to have that ad rejected because it showed a photo of two brides. Not one bride. Not a bride and a groom. But two brides, marrying each other.   More

Special Considerations When Photographing LGBT Weddings

My friend Kathryn Hamm from GayWeddings.com gave me a preview of the new book she co-authored with Thea Dodds.  Capturing Love:  The Art of Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography is a great resource for wedding photographers who may never have thought of the many differences that come along with shooting gay and lesbian couples vs straight couples.  There are many thoughtful points made that I never ever considered myself!  Check out the book not only for its great information but also for tons of beautiful photos of happy couples!

It's for sale now - check out Capturing Love More