Wedding Trend Differences in Gay Men Versus Lesbians

In general, I think it's dangerous to generalize and foolish to put people in boxes. That said, there are some striking differences in the wedding planning activities of gay men versus lesbians. I’ve seen this over time in my wedding planning career and in your role as a wedding professional, I think it's important to be aware of some of these differences/trends in order to best serve your clients.   More

LGBTQ Wedding Tips if You're New to this Site


The LGBT Wedding Survey Results are In


A Shower for a Gay Groom

I love getting questions from readers. Jody in Ft Lauderdale sent me the following question this week: I want to throw a surprise bridal shower for my co-worker Paul who is getting married in April is there a politically correct name for throwing a bridal shower for a groom?...it's a gay wedding.... Please let me know!   More

Episcopal Churches to Allow Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies

Previously, each Episcopal diocese made their own rules about whether same-sex couples could marry in that diocese's churches. For awhile there weren't very many that allowed it. It's gradually changed and Wednesday the entire Episcopal church approved the inclusion of same-sex marriage ceremonies. The change goes into effect in November.  More

The Most Popular Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony Reading

I can promise you that you'll be hearing the following words in thousands of same-sex marriage ceremonies to come:  More

Marriage Equality is Here. Why Isn't My Phone Ringing?


If I Can't Make Your Course, How Do I Learn About LGBT Weddings?

I know a lot of wedding professionals want to be certified by the Gay Wedding Institute, but might not have the ability to participate in one of our live courses (which is a full day course) or in our monthly webinar series which is generally offered at 1 PM Eastern once a week for three weeks.   More

Facebook Changes its Gender Policy Again

Gender is an awfully confusing subject. And one thing that's important to remember is that there are not just two genders: male and female. There are many people in the world who might feel male one day and female the next. Or, people who might feel like they are a man trapped in a woman's body or vice-versa. They might not like to check a box that says "male" or "female".   More

Venues Learn Same-Sex Wedding Dos and Don'ts

The Bay Area Reporter and Edge Media Network recently published an article about our Gay Wedding Institute Certification Course. I think this article does a really nice job of explaining the value of the course, and it offers the insight of one particular venue who sent a staff member to the course. The article also shares the perspective from a same-sex couple whose wedding was in that venue (Asilomar). Check out this article to learn more about how our Gay Wedding Institute Certification Course can help your company improve its readiness for LGBT weddings.  More