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If I Can't Make Your Course, How Do I Learn About LGBT Weddings?

I know a lot of wedding professionals want to be certified by the Gay Wedding Institute, but might not have the ability to participate in one of our live courses (which is a full day course) or in our monthly webinar series which is generally offered at 1 PM Eastern once a week for three weeks.   More

2013 Same-Sex Marriage Data

14 Stories, in conjunction with Community Marketing Inc, surveyed over 900 married and engaged same-sex couples in August/September 2013 and the results are fascinating. This is the largest survey ever conducted on their marriage trends, nearly doubling the 500 responses we had from our 2010-2011 survey.  Here are some of the impressive insights:  More

Facts and Figures Related to LGBT Issues in Maryland, Washington and Maine

Following up on the last post, here are some important bits of info on marriage equality in Maryland, Washington and Maine.   NOTE:  As of 9:23AM EST on November 7, Washington has not officially declared the marriage equality vote as passed, but it's been declared unofficially by many sources.  More

Gay Wedding Data - the Rest of the Findings

I'm finally released the rest of the data from our groundbreaking survey of approximately 500 LGBT brides and grooms.  In this survey, 75% of respondents were lesbian couples and 25% were gay male couples. 68% of respondents were 24-40 years old and 43% are between 32-50 years old.   More

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How Many Same-Sex Couples are there in Your State?

Census data can tell you  More

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