Wedding Trend Differences in Gay Men Versus Lesbians

In general, I think it's dangerous to generalize and foolish to put people in boxes. That said, there are some striking differences in the wedding planning activities of gay men versus lesbians. I’ve seen this over time in my wedding planning career and in your role as a wedding professional, I think it's important to be aware of some of these differences/trends in order to best serve your clients.   More

The LGBT Wedding Survey Results are In


Wedding Guests Who Are Not Supportive


Episcopal Churches to Allow Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies

Previously, each Episcopal diocese made their own rules about whether same-sex couples could marry in that diocese's churches. For awhile there weren't very many that allowed it. It's gradually changed and Wednesday the entire Episcopal church approved the inclusion of same-sex marriage ceremonies. The change goes into effect in November.  More

The Most Popular Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony Reading

I can promise you that you'll be hearing the following words in thousands of same-sex marriage ceremonies to come:  More

If I Can't Make Your Course, How Do I Learn About LGBT Weddings?

I know a lot of wedding professionals want to be certified by the Gay Wedding Institute, but might not have the ability to participate in one of our live courses (which is a full day course) or in our monthly webinar series which is generally offered at 1 PM Eastern once a week for three weeks.   More

ARIA Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Completes the Gay Wedding Institute Certification Course

In December, ARIA Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas brought us in for a full day certification course for their entire sales and wedding team. The beautiful hotel and gorgeous wedding chapel has been serving wedding couples for years, and now that marriage equality is legal in Nevada they wanted to improve their readiness for same-sex weddings.

Throughout the day, we talked about all kinds of things including LGBT language and terminology, data, trends, traditions, marketing and more. We did a bunch of activities and role-plays designed to replicate real-life scenarios they could face. They even planned some mock weddings for fictional same-sex couples.

Now as a Gay Wedding Institute certified company, they receive all sorts of benefits including rewriting all of their marketing materials (which I've already done), ongoing certification for new hires, a technical assistance helpline, and much more.

We are proud to welcome ARIA Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas into the Gay Wedding Institute certified family. I know this team is going to do a really great job supporting same-sex couples who choose to marry there.  More

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Some Gay Weddings are More Gay Than Others

I always encourage my clients to express their personalities through their wedding, and some couples are more traditional than others.  But many same-sex couples want to bring in elements of LGBT culture, elements such as drag kings and queens, gay music, gay literature, and so forth.  I personally love it when this happens - it's more fun for us vendors when our clients are creative.  Remember, whatever quirky elements your clients want to bring into their wedding, don't judge - make it happen and enjoy the ride!    More

Gay Wedding Data - the Rest of the Findings

I'm finally released the rest of the data from our groundbreaking survey of approximately 500 LGBT brides and grooms.  In this survey, 75% of respondents were lesbian couples and 25% were gay male couples. 68% of respondents were 24-40 years old and 43% are between 32-50 years old.   More