Wedding Trend Differences in Gay Men Versus Lesbians

In general, I think it's dangerous to generalize and foolish to put people in boxes. That said, there are some striking differences in the wedding planning activities of gay men versus lesbians. I’ve seen this over time in my wedding planning career and in your role as a wedding professional, I think it's important to be aware of some of these differences/trends in order to best serve your clients.   More

The LGBT Wedding Survey Results are In


A Shower for a Gay Groom

I love getting questions from readers. Jody in Ft Lauderdale sent me the following question this week: I want to throw a surprise bridal shower for my co-worker Paul who is getting married in April is there a politically correct name for throwing a bridal shower for a groom?...it's a gay wedding.... Please let me know!   More

2013 Same-Sex Marriage Data

14 Stories, in conjunction with Community Marketing Inc, surveyed over 900 married and engaged same-sex couples in August/September 2013 and the results are fascinating. This is the largest survey ever conducted on their marriage trends, nearly doubling the 500 responses we had from our 2010-2011 survey.  Here are some of the impressive insights:  More

The Modern LGBT Couple Doesn't Want Your LGBT-Themed Merchandise

Friends, the modern LGBT couple is not interested in your "gay-themed" wedding invitations and wedding accessories.  Rainbows and pink triangles are meaningful but so out of style.   I've been saying this for years but the stuff keeps coming!  More

Tips for LGBT Marketing at Mainstream Wedding Expos

We’ve all had booths at wedding expos in the past. And most wedding expos are targeted to straight couples but there are a few things you should keep in mind in the event that LGBT couples pass through these mainstream wedding expos.  They will come!  Slowly at first, but they'll be there!  More

Is One of You the Bride and One of You the Groom in the Relationship?

"Is one the bride and one the groom in a gay relationship?"    More

Music at Gay Weddings


Why Does Henry Have to Move Back to Venezuela?

Henry is facing deportation  More

Updating Your Contracts and Forms to be Gender-Neutral