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Marriage Equality is Sweeping the Nation

If you missed the news this week, marriage equality is sweeping across the U.S. In short, every remaining state in the U.S. has bans on same-sex marriages, bans that have been challenged in court. Those bans have largely been overturned but then appealed up to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided to keep their hands out of it, leaving the lower court rulings to stand.   More

Same-Sex Marriage is Now Legal in New Mexico

Capping off a year which has seen more LGBT rights victories than any other, New Mexico yesterday became the 17th state in the USA to have marriage equality.  Same-sex couples can now legally marry in the state, with the law coming as a result of a ruling by the state's highest court.  New Mexico has about 5800 same-sex couples and the wedding industry is projected to benefit by $20 million in the first three years.    More

2013 Same-Sex Marriage Data

14 Stories, in conjunction with Community Marketing Inc, surveyed over 900 married and engaged same-sex couples in August/September 2013 and the results are fascinating. This is the largest survey ever conducted on their marriage trends, nearly doubling the 500 responses we had from our 2010-2011 survey.  Here are some of the impressive insights:  More

Marriage Equality in New Jersey and Illinois

Great news!  Same-sex marriage is now legal in New Jersey...a bit of a complicated story why but essentially a couple that was legally married elsewhere sued New Jersey to recognize their marriage after DOMA was overturned. And they won the suit!  So, as of October 21, same-sex marriages are happening.  New Jersey has almost 19,000 same-sex couples (according to the 2010 Census) and the state wedding industry should benefit by over $200 million in three years (according to the Williams Institute).  More

How to Plan a Gay Wedding

The Financial Times did a little profile on me recently - check it out below with the accompanying story   More

Facts and Figures Related to LGBT Issues in Maryland, Washington and Maine

Following up on the last post, here are some important bits of info on marriage equality in Maryland, Washington and Maine.   NOTE:  As of 9:23AM EST on November 7, Washington has not officially declared the marriage equality vote as passed, but it's been declared unofficially by many sources.  More

What Chik-Fil-A Can Learn From Marriott

I'm sure everyone has been aware, by now, of the major Chik-Fil-A controversy here in the U.S.  Basically, the company has very conservative values and donates large sums of marriage to organizations that are anti-LGBT (not just marriage, but anti-LGBT basic civil rights).  More

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The First 120 Days of Gay Marriage in New York