A Little About Second Parent Adoption

Those who follow me on Twitter know that my wife Jen and I just completed the second parent adoption process for our son, Patrick.  He was born on Oct. 31, 2010.  More

Question: What Goes through a Couple's Mind when Wedding Planning and How Can We Make them Feel Comfortable?

Question:  What goes through a couple's mind as they are planning a wedding and how can we as vendors best make them feel comfortable?   More

How to Ask Delicate Questions About Having Kids

A funny thing has happened since I moved to New York City last week.  About three or four different people have asked specific, pointed questions about how Jen and I had our son.  I felt like a bit of a novelty and it's interesting to note that there are SO MANY gay families in Massachusetts (where we moved from), because to many of them, kids are the next step after marriage.  And equal marriage rights have been available for 7 years.    More

Protecting Your Gay Wedding Client's Privacy


Nontraditional Family Structures

"Johnny has two mommies - and four dads"  More

What Do You Say to a Couple Whose Parents Won't Come to their Gay Wedding?


What's the Difference Between a Straight and a Gay Wedding?

"What's the difference between a straight and a gay wedding?"  The last person to ask was sweetheart Colin Cowie, whom I met last week at Engage!

I'd be out of business if I couldn't answer it.  It's the reason there's demand for a gay wedding producer.  Here's a short list of differences:

  • 50% of the country is opposed to gay marriage and many in the wedding industry do not support it either - couples face discrimination.
  • And it's perfectly legal to discriminate against LGBT couples in 28 U.S. states (i.e. a vendor can say, "I don't want to work with you.")
  • Who do you think fills the role of the "bride" during a wedding processional, when there are two brides or two grooms?  We typically avoid anyone assuming this role by having the couple process together, hand-in-hand, or down two aisles simultaneously...
  • What do lesbian brides wear?
  • What do you call an engaged lesbian who doesn't feel like a "bride?"
Just a little food for thought...the list goes on.  How do you answer this question?

Jen is Pregnant


Family Involvement in Gay Weddings

Gay Wedding Glossary: Family Planning

Gay Wedding Glossary

Family Planning:    More