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Specialty Training on LGBT Weddings for Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Planners

I spent a wonderful day today leading a full day training/certification course for 31 travel agents who are members of DWHSA (Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Specialist Association). DWHSA brought me down to Mexico to teach the full day course which was hosted at the beautiful Iberostar Grand resort in Riviera Maya. This was such an enthusiastic group who were full of questions about how to understand the needs of LGBT couples and best market their destination wedding and honeymoon businesses to engaged LGBT couples and honeymooning couples.   More

Knowing Your Market Within the Gay Wedding Market


What to Expect When Gay Marriage Becomes Legal

What Gay Marriage Means for New York Wedding Professionals


Top 25 Destinations for LGBT Travelers

If your wedding business covers any of these cities and markets, you should pay special attention to this blog to learn more about the needs and expectations of the lucrative same-sex wedding market.  If your city is on this list, when gay marriage becomes legal in your area, you can expect a large surge of new potential clients. Percentage is the amount who visited and spent the night in a hotel...

1) New York City: 32%
2) San Francisco: 27%
3) Las Vegas: 26%
4) Chicago: 25%
5) Los Angeles / West Hollywood: 24%
6) Washington, DC: 23%
7) Fort Lauderdale: 17%
8) San Diego: 15%
9) Orlando: 14%
9) Seattle: 14%
11) Boston: 13%
11) Philadelphia: 13%
13) Palm Springs 12%
13) Atlanta: 12%
13) Miami: 12%
16) Dallas: 11%
16) Denver: 11%
16) Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale: 11%
19) New Orleans: 10%
20) Napa County, CA: 9%
20) Provincetown, MA: 9%
20) Sonoma County, CA: 9%
23) Portland, OR 8%
23) Baltimore: 8%
23) Tampa/St. Pete: 8%

How does your city rank?  More

Throwing a Wedding after the Gay Marriage


Gay Marriage & the States: New Hampshire

Let's talk about the Live Free or Die State, that great very libertarian state of New Hampshire, and hows its laws affect gay couples and wedding vendors:  More

Gay Tourism & Destination Weddings

State of Massachusetts  More