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What Gay Marriage Means for DC

  • DC is the 6th most visited city in the country by gay and lesbian tourists
  • Approximately 8.1% of DC residents are gay or lesbian (in 2005, about 33,000 people)
  • This is about 4,000 couples. 
    73% are male; 27% are female. 
    The average age is 42.  
    8% of same-sex couples are raising children under the age of 18.
  • Same-sex couples labeling themselves as unmarried partners have the highest rates in DC with same-sex couples representing 14.12 of every 1,000 households. 
  • Gay marriage is expected to provide a boost to the DC economy by over $52.2 million over three years and creation of approximately 700 new jobs. 
  • This includes $5.4 million in new revenues for the city; 
    over $4.8 million in sales tax revenues and hotel tax revenues; and
    approximately $650,000 in marriage license fees for D.C. 
  • Approximately 65% of this revenue will come from non-DC residents who travel to legally marry.
How has business been for you since gay marriage became legal in DC?

Data provided by Community Marketing, the American Community Survey and the Williams Institute.


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