Update your Marketing this Winter

It's almost sales season, which means that your company may be revisiting its marketing images and ad campaigns for the coming year. Many businesses use this slower time of year to freshen up the images on their website, create new blog posts, and generally prepare to sell in the early part of the year. This is the perfect opportunity for your business to make steps towards inclusivity.   More

The Corporate Equality Index and Why It Matters


Congratulations to the Bonura Hospitality Group!


Marriott Hotels in Atlanta Complete GWI Course


What Chik-Fil-A Can Learn From Marriott

I'm sure everyone has been aware, by now, of the major Chik-Fil-A controversy here in the U.S.  Basically, the company has very conservative values and donates large sums of marriage to organizations that are anti-LGBT (not just marriage, but anti-LGBT basic civil rights).  More