Special Discount for Friends of GWI

The Gay Wedding Institute is proud to introduce a new partnership with The Bridal Society. The Bridal Society is the nation's leading training company providing certification for current and future wedding planners and hospitality professionals. The Bridal Society offers a live, two day training program that is appropriate for people with varying levels of expertise in the wedding industry.  More

Congratulations to the Bonura Hospitality Group!


Specialty Training on LGBT Weddings for Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Planners

I spent a wonderful day today leading a full day training/certification course for 31 travel agents who are members of DWHSA (Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Specialist Association). DWHSA brought me down to Mexico to teach the full day course which was hosted at the beautiful Iberostar Grand resort in Riviera Maya. This was such an enthusiastic group who were full of questions about how to understand the needs of LGBT couples and best market their destination wedding and honeymoon businesses to engaged LGBT couples and honeymooning couples.   More

Upcoming Gay Wedding Institute Certification Courses in Orlando and Toronto

I'll be on the road in April teaching Gay Wedding Institute certificate courses in Orlando on April 7 and Toronto on April 12. The Orlando course is being organized by the amazing Kathy Thomas Photography and is taking place at the Citrus Club from 9:30-3:30pm.  More

Venues Learn Same-Sex Wedding Dos and Don'ts

The Bay Area Reporter and Edge Media Network recently published an article about our Gay Wedding Institute Certification Course. I think this article does a really nice job of explaining the value of the course, and it offers the insight of one particular venue who sent a staff member to the course. The article also shares the perspective from a same-sex couple whose wedding was in that venue (Asilomar). Check out this article to learn more about how our Gay Wedding Institute Certification Course can help your company improve its readiness for LGBT weddings.  More

Ritz-Carlton in Naples Brings the Gay Wedding Institute in for Training

Shortly after marriage equality came to Florida, in January we had the honor of being invited down to Naples, Florida by the Ritz-Carlton for a private full-day certification course for their staff. What a beautiful property! We had an amazing, relaxing weekend enjoying the hotel, beach, spa and the restaurants on the property before we led the training on Monday.

The Ritz-Carlton staff is such an enthusiastic supporter of marriage equality and we're really thrilled they're going be even better advocates for their LGBT clients since they completed the training. Lydia Redmond who is Director of Weddings for the Ritz-Carlton sent us a message after the training, "I wanted to thank you for your time in Naples. The leads are starting to come in for same-sex weddings and our couples feedback are all so positive that we are ahead of the curve. We couldn't have done it without you!"

Thank you so much for inviting us to the Ritz-Carlton. We have now trained more Marriott and Ritz-Carlton employees than any other hotel chain. We love working with you and your properties!  More

ARIA Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Completes the Gay Wedding Institute Certification Course

In December, ARIA Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas brought us in for a full day certification course for their entire sales and wedding team. The beautiful hotel and gorgeous wedding chapel has been serving wedding couples for years, and now that marriage equality is legal in Nevada they wanted to improve their readiness for same-sex weddings.

Throughout the day, we talked about all kinds of things including LGBT language and terminology, data, trends, traditions, marketing and more. We did a bunch of activities and role-plays designed to replicate real-life scenarios they could face. They even planned some mock weddings for fictional same-sex couples.

Now as a Gay Wedding Institute certified company, they receive all sorts of benefits including rewriting all of their marketing materials (which I've already done), ongoing certification for new hires, a technical assistance helpline, and much more.

We are proud to welcome ARIA Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas into the Gay Wedding Institute certified family. I know this team is going to do a really great job supporting same-sex couples who choose to marry there.  More

NACE Chapters Support Marriage Equality

Lately I've been making a tour of the assorted NACE chapters (National Association of Catering and Events) throughout the country. In January, I visited Tampa Bay NACE, which held their beautiful event at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in downtown Tampa. What a great enthusiastic group who are shocked to believe that Florida is one of the states where same-sex couple can be legally discriminated against while planning their wedding.   More

Food for Thought Catering in Chicago Receives Certification

Last Tuesday I spent the day at a venue called 19 East in Chicago. This venue is owned by Food for Thought catering and I was providing the GWI certification course to this wonderful Chicago catering company. Food for Thought sent all of their sales and marketing team to the course and we spent the day reviewing language and terminology, data, LGBT wedding trends, marketing information and much more.   More

Gay Wedding Institute Courses in Cancun and Uruguay

We are so pleased to be presenting our Gay Wedding Institute Certification course in both Cancun, Mexico (April 30) and Montevideo, Uruguay (May 6).  Please see the flyers below for more information or to register.  These courses will be taught in Spanish.  More