Update your Marketing this Winter

It's almost sales season, which means that your company may be revisiting its marketing images and ad campaigns for the coming year. Many businesses use this slower time of year to freshen up the images on their website, create new blog posts, and generally prepare to sell in the early part of the year. This is the perfect opportunity for your business to make steps towards inclusivity.   More

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Same Sex Couples Are Mobile. Are You?


How Do I Find Photos of Same-Sex Couples for Marketing if I Haven't Booked Any Yet?

One of the questions I get most often from wedding professionals is "how do I attract same-sex couples to my business?" It seems like a pretty simple question but the solution is not as easy as you would think.

Same-sex couples are actively looking for wedding professionals that show their support of marriage equality and LGBT weddings. One of the ways that you as a wedding professional can show your support of marriage equality is by including images on your website of same-sex couples at their wedding. If you've never worked on a same-sex wedding before you might not have these images. The Gay Wedding Institute is always here to help.

Check out our stock photo collection and buy a ready to use, instant download images. These images will send a signal to a couple who is perusing your website that you do support marriage equality and would love to work on them with their LGBT wedding. LGBT couples want to feel included. We want to see images of people like us as we're looking for wedding professionals.

After you get over the hurdle and book that first same-sex couple, chances are you'll have their images to use on your website and in your marketing materials - but until then our stock photography collection is a great place to start building your client base of same-sex couples.

Images of a same-sex couple getting married are available to you with prices as low as $33 per high-resolution image.  More

Wedding Inclusion Marketing

Inclusion marketing is the marketing strategy of including images of diverse people side-by-side. In the case of the LGBT community you might see an ad where a same-sex couple is featured right alongside a straight couple as if that is a completely normal situation (which it is).  More

Facebook Changes its Gender Policy Again

Gender is an awfully confusing subject. And one thing that's important to remember is that there are not just two genders: male and female. There are many people in the world who might feel male one day and female the next. Or, people who might feel like they are a man trapped in a woman's body or vice-versa. They might not like to check a box that says "male" or "female".   More

Thoughts on LGBT Wedding Expos

I've been getting this question from vendors a lot:  is it worth my time and money to sign up for a booth at a "gay wedding expo" or other LGBT wedding show?  

It's a great question that comes down to more of a fundamental marketing strategy.  Ask yourself these questions:  More

No Gay Marriage in Your State? No Problem.

Gay marriage still isn't legal in most places so for many wedding vendors, it makes sense for gay weddings to not even be on their radar.  Makes complete sense.  But if you are gay-friendly and want to get ready anyway, there are a few things you can start doing in the meantime:  More