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Yesterday on Facebook (post 2016 Presidential election), two of my planner colleagues posted shared that gay clients asked if they should move the wedding date up because of the potential repeal of marriage equality.

I want to tell you how to respond if you are getting similar questions from your couples. The short answer is: there's nothing to worry about now.

For same-sex marriage rights to be repealed, a case would have to go to the Supreme Court again. The earliest a decision could be made is June 2018, if a case even makes it that far. Your LGBTQ clients and friends should be safe until then, and hopefully after.

Now, more than ever, LGBTQ couples will be concerned about their safety when planning their wedding/honeymoon/travel and just living their lives.

There are all kinds of concerns your LGBTQ friends and clients may have (a federal law permitting religious-based discrimination nationwide, repealing anti-discrimination protection for LGBT government workers and more). I am hopeful that those will not come to pass.

If you want to discuss what action you can take (as a business or individual) to show your support of the LGBTQ community and let them know they are safe with your company, please email me and we'll chat.


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