Does Rebranding (to Remove Bridal) Affect My SEO?

As I've been speaking to various groups lately, I've found myself repeatedly asked a question I never used to get. The question goes something like this: My business The Bridal Show has bride in the title! I know that it's not inclusive of all couples and I'd love for it to be. If I change my company name and website to The Wedding Show, will my search engine rankings drop? Will this rebrand significantly impact my leads?

It's a terrific question but since I'm not an SEO (search engine optimization) expert, I didn't have a clear answer. I turned to my friend Kathy DalPra, who is an SEO expert, for her wisdom. Kathy tells me:

I would need to know more about their specific situation. For instance, are they currently ranking for anything (ex. bridal show)? Are they changing their domain name? Is their site already optimized? What assets will the rebrand affect?

I would definitely not recommend rebranding without their SEO Consultant totally on board. When my clients make a big shift like this, I build them an extensive transition plan to make sure we not only avoid ranking drops and traffic losses from broken pages/paths, but also consider how we will rebuild rankings for our new targets. 

So, the short answer is probably yes, but how bad the damage will be depends on their unique situation.

Kathy is the expert and if you are considering this, you can learn more about her services here. Even if you're not considering this but need SEO help, she's your pro!

In my opinion, the hassle is worth it - a more inclusive business is going to attract more customers. Period. If you decide to take the leap and rebrand, just do so with the help of a great marketing and SEO team. For some more tips on how SEO can improve your LGBT wedding bookings, sign up below for our FREE PDF! (Photo by Lisa Rigby)

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