¿Creo una sección aparte para las bodas igualitarias?

I have seen many questions that come from the mainstream of bloggers weddings (that is, not LGBT) on whether or not to have a separate blog for LGBT weddings section. This is a great question because there is now marriage equality across the country, a wedding is really a wedding and same-sex couples should not get special treatment for it, but equal treatment.

That said, I believe that same-sex couples are actively looking to see images of other same-sex couples. They want to be inspired by people like them. They continue Pinterest, Instagram, and yes, your blogs, but they want to be represented. They not want to feel invisible. To assist this process, I suggest you use a label or tag for LGBT equal weddings or on your blog.

Simply adding a tag to all your content equal weddings, it will allow same sex couples more easily find images that represent them and look like them.

We will not feel marginalized by a label, as you would a separate section only for LGBT weddings (which does not recommend in most cases). A label would facilitate things for us to find another inspiration, and not keep us apart from other people. Not to mention that this would help with your SEO.

Think of it as offering assistance rather than marginalize. A simple touch like that and all language editing and editorial content on your website so that it is not focused on heterosexuals, allow LGBT couples feel safe and welcome in the mainstream world of weddings. The ultimate goal is integration and that starts to be inclusive to all couples.

Para más información de cómo hacer crecer tu negocio de bodas con la comunidad LGBT, regístrate en el enlace para que recibas nuestros TIPS sin costo alguno.


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