What Can the Census Tell You About Marketing to Same-Sex Couples?

There was recently an article in the Boston Globe about how the new Census data indicates a 17% increase in the number of same-sex couples in Massachusetts.

The Census doesn't ask if you are straight or gay - but it does ask if you have an "unmarried partner" and if you are LGBT and married, you can indicate as such.  Bottom line: coupled LGBT people are counted; single LGBT are not.

Using Massachusetts as an example, based on the new Census data, I know that:
  • there are over 20,000 same-sex couples living in Massachusetts
  • 11,000 of these couples are two women
  • 47% of those couples identify as married (as opposed to "unmarried partners").  Keep in mind that many couples (especially in states where same-sex marriage is not legal) may identify as married even if they are not.  
  • 13% are between the age of 25-34 (that's generation Y)
  • 23% are between 35-49 (that's generation X and Baby Boomers)
Let's think about it:
All of this information tells me a lot about what my marketing strategy should be, if my target market is Massachusetts same-sex couples.  You can find your own state data on the Census website.  This works for opposite sex couples, too!

That's A LOT of couples - just in Massachusetts!  That's A LOT of weddings...

What does your state data tell you about your marketing strategies?

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