Question: What are Some Good Online Resources to Share with My Same-Sex Clients?

Question:  What are some of the best planning resources we can share with couples during their planning process? 

Answer:  Well, our website www.14stories.com has a ton of blog posts about ways same-sex couples can make their wedding plans special and unique. Also there are great resources on www.gayweddings.com and I love the real wedding stories told on www.4realequalityweddings.com, www.equalandforever.com, and www.onabicyclebuiltfortwo.com. Pridezillas.com has an online directory and other resources. Finally, www.equallywed.com is the the nation's premiere same-sex wedding online magazine with great fresh content and articles.

Do you  have any burning questions for me?  Ask them here and I'll answer in an upcoming post!

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