Question: What Goes through a Couple's Mind when Wedding Planning and How Can We Make them Feel Comfortable?

Question:  What goes through a couple's mind as they are planning a wedding and how can we as vendors best make them feel comfortable? 

Answer:  Gay couples experience the same or similar emotions as straight couples:   budget concerns, guest list concerns, decor, etc. 

 But then you add on a new set of emotions and questions such as: 

  • Am I going to be discriminated against? 
  • I wish I didn't have to keep coming out of the closet every time I call someone. 
  • I hope my Aunt Jessie comes to the wedding. 
  • Will my dad be willing to walk me down the aisle? 
  • We're two grooms - how do we walk down the aisle? 

 As a wedding vendor, the best thing you can do is listen and not make assumptions. Don't make assumptions about whether there will or won't be a wedding party, about whether there will or won't be parental emotional or financial involvement, about whether there will be a religious ceremony, etc.  Just listen and go with the flow!

Do you  have any burning questions for me?  Ask them here and I'll answer in an upcoming post!

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