Knowing Your Market Within the Gay Wedding Market

With any industry, it's important to know your market when defining your client base and establishing your marketing plan.  If you want to reach the lucrative gay and lesbian wedding market, knowing the needs of this market is no different.  But beyond the broad "gay and lesbian wedding market", there are a bunch of sub-groups.  For example:

  • Older gay and lesbian couples will be attracted to a different set of images, a different style of website and different company values than a younger couple.
  • Gay male couples will be attracted to different types of images and language than lesbian couples.
  • and then there are sub-cultures within these groups (ie, leather bears) but I won't go into detail about that.
One of the reasons that the 2010 U.S. Census results will be so valuable is to help identify the number of male and female "married" partners in a given area and their average age.  

The 2005 U.S. Census American Community Survey told us that D.C. has about 3800 same-sex couples, 72% of which are men, with an average age of 42.  We can also learn about their average household income using this data.

Knowing that D.C. has a high number of partnered gay men in their 40s should inform your marketing strategy if you are in this area.

What is your specific market within the gay and lesbian wedding market?

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RevAnnieNYC commented on 26-Sep-2011 04:38 PM
As a Wedding Officiant, in creating ceremonies I find that gay couples, depending on their generation, request many different terms, expressions, and creative choices in celebrating their wedding ceremony. In my experience, younger couples prefer "husband"
& "wife" for their vows, while older couples tend to favor "partner, soulmate, love of my life." Older couples now getting married at last may have already spent decades together, so it's important to honor their longtime committment & the journey (& family)
they already share--while younger couples may be "just starting out" together and their ceremony will reflect their hopes & dreams as they step forward into their new life & future together. Thanks 14 Stories for all your insights & guidance! [email protected]

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