5 razones para reinventar las ceremonias de bodas para LGBT

Gay or egalitarian weddings are based on the right of all human beings to love, be loved and to form a family before society and the laws.

But this road has not been easy and almost 10 years of the legalization of equal marriage that gave birth to the so-called gay weddings, the reality is that people want to have and live a wedding, the sense of togetherness and to form a new family , a new stage in their lives ... LGBT couples want to live and feel reflected in their wedding ceremonies.

Now, part of the job of reinventing weddings, from conception to protocol, is about making the couple feel good and that this ceremony and party really reflects the joy and commitment that the couple is acquiring, that's why the ceremony wedding is especially important and we will tell you why:

1.- It has been a long struggle for equality: having a civil wedding or a spiritual or humanistic ceremony, resides in the fact that all couples want to "be united" and be validated before their eyes and those of their loved ones . Whether there is a civil wedding ceremony or some spiritual or religious, even secular, it is important to give special attention as the center of what is being celebrated.

2.- Nobody knows what to expect in a gay wedding: Well we do, wedding experts know that the ceremony is the emotional center of the wedding and that people want to live that moment. Take the time to reinvent what you know as a wedding ceremony, research traditions, question the roles and start creating a range of experiences for your lesbian-gay clients

3.- Think in the background not in the form: the whole ceremony should be based on the most emotional and rewarding aspects for couples and their guests, focus on the concept of love, justice, equality along with the meaning of symbols traditional as: exchange rings, sign a record, have witnesses.

4.- Couples will appreciate your help: focusing on the ceremony, you start by planning the wedding from a very emotional, important aspect and that couples do not have much idea of how to do it. Your specialized help will be essential to turn that event into a romantic and unforgettable experience.

5.- Create new options to celebrate the commitment: Once you reflect on the first 4 points, you will be in the capacity along with your experience, to enrich the experiences of ceremonies for all your clients and create new rituals that can be incorporated into everything type of ceremonies to make them more special and different from the rest of the ceremonies.

As you can see, thinking outside the box not only benefits your clients but also increases the innovation capacity of your business and helps you create new experiences that can positively differentiate you and make you relevant to the new generations of couples who want a very special celebration .

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