2013 Same-Sex Marriage Data

14 Stories, in conjunction with Community Marketing Inc, surveyed over 900 married and engaged same-sex couples in August/September 2013 and the results are fascinating. This is the largest survey ever conducted on their marriage trends, nearly doubling the 500 responses we had from our 2010-2011 survey.  Here are some of the impressive insights:

  • The economic impact for states offering civil unions or domestic partnerships is considerably less than those offering marriage. 76% of couples receiving a civil union or domestic partnership did not have a traditional wedding with ceremony and reception. The economic impact of same-sex couples getting legally married is three times greater than those receiving a civil union or domestic partnership, because married couples are far more likely to have a reception with guests or their receptions have a greater number of guests.

  • Female same-sex couples spend more on their weddings than male same-sex couples. For those already married, female same-sex couples spent 15% more than the men.

  • In every category tested, female same-sex couples were more likely to participate in “wedding ceremony traditions” than the men. For example 66% of women purchase engagement rings vs. 19% of men.  Also female same-sex couples are far more likely follow wedding traditions such as rehearsal dinners or first dances at the reception. 

  • 76% of same-sex couples feel it is important to work with LGBT-friendly businesses when planning their wedding.

  • 24% of same-sex couples used a religious leader as their officiant and only 12% of same-sex marriages were held in religious spaces.

  • 67% of newly engaged same-sex couples have emotional support around their marriage from their parents compared to only 47% of those already married.  Female same-sex couples indicated more emotional support from friends, family and peers than male same-sex couples.

  • 84% of male couples and 73% of female couples are paying for the wedding themselves.

  • Legalizing marriage equality in the entire United States is important to 98% of same-sex couples.

  • Engaged same-sex couples are projecting an average of 80 guests at their weddings

  • 78% of male couples and 59% of female couples entered the ceremony space with their partner as opposed to being escorted by someone.

  • 36% of lesbian couples had one partner in a suit and one in a dress; 27% had two dresses and 8% had two suits.

  • 30% of same-sex couples do not have a wedding party/attendants.

  • 17% of male couples and 35% of female had a bachelor/ette party.

  • 9% of male couples and 29% of female had a wedding shower.

  • 72% want vendors with LGBT inclusive language, and 69% LGBT inclusive photos.

We have even more facts to share...contact us to learn more.

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