The Most Popular Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony Reading

I can promise you that you'll be hearing the following words in thousands of same-sex marriage ceremonies to come:  More

¿Está aprobado el Matrimonio Igualitario en todo México?

El mes de Junio ha sido un mes bastante movido en cuanto al activismo de derechos humanos en el mundo y México no fue la excepción. El día viernes 12 de Junio la Suprema Corte de la Nación sorprendió a todo el país declarando que: “Las parejas homosexuales se encuentran en una situación equivalente a las parejas heterosexuales, de tal manera que es totalmente injustificada su exclusión del matrimonio”  More

Full Marriage Equality Comes to All 50 States

This morning the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) finally ruled in cases which were challenging state bans on marriage equality. They said that states were not allowed to deny marriage recognition to same-sex couples who have federal marriage recognition. What does this mean?  More

LGBT Marriage Equality and Relationship Recognition in Europe

It's interesting to see where Europe stands on marriage equality. It's first important to differentiate between registered partnerships and full marriag equality. Some countries only recognize same-sex couples as registered partnerships, which means that many rights afforded to married couples are not enjoyed by same-sex couples in a registered partnership. Other countries in Europe such as Italy do not recognize same-sex couples at all.   More

Marriage Equality is Here. Why Isn't My Phone Ringing?


When Should I Use the Rainbow?

I received an email recently from a stranger who lives in a state which now has marriage equality. This person launched a website targeting the LGBT wedding market, providing a vendor directory on the site and eventually wedding planning tips and advice. This person asked me to write some LGBT wedding planning tips/articles and provide some free content to get started.   More

67 Percent of Engaged Same-Sex Couples Want to Hire Businesses with LGBT Wedding Experience

Yesterday I had a phone call from a wedding photographer I know in Massachusetts. She received an inquiry from a same-sex couple that specifically was looking for a photographer who had experience photographing same-sex weddings and wanted my advice on how to respond since she didn't have any such experience.   More

Is My Website Attracting or Turning Off LGBT Couples?

For those of you who are wondering why your phone isn't ringing and your inbox isn't filling up with inquiries from engaged same-sex couples, maybe you should take a look at your website and other marketing materials. Or better yet, have us take a look at it for you. You might not realize it, but your marketing may be inadvertently turning off engaged same-sex couples. We'll take a look at your website and all of your other marketing materials including any profiles on TheKnot, Wedding Wire and other sites and examine them for their readiness to attract LGBT couples.   More

How Do I Update My Contracts and Forms for Same-Sex Couples?


If I Can't Make Your Course, How Do I Learn About LGBT Weddings?

I know a lot of wedding professionals want to be certified by the Gay Wedding Institute, but might not have the ability to participate in one of our live courses (which is a full day course) or in our monthly webinar series which is generally offered at 1 PM Eastern once a week for three weeks.   More