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Wedding Guests Who Are Not Supportive


Form at a Wedding Show Booth

This question comes in from Chris Evans: I'm helping a promoter work on their show registration and we have come down to the issue of what to call the participants. Can you please comment for all in the American Wedding Professionals group on this? Obviously, bride and groom don't always apply when filling in a pre-registration form. But person #1 and person #2 seems impersonal and possibly offensive to a traditional bride and groom. What's your suggestion on how to handle this so as to not offend?   More

Married & Engaged Couples' Survey

Three years ago, the Gay Wedding Institute partnered on a survey of 900+ married and engaged same-sex couples. That incredibly revealing data has been the bedrock of the trainings we've provided since then. We were able to learn which traditions were being followed by LGBTQ couples, how they were finding wedding vendors, and their hiring priorities.   More

A Shower for a Gay Groom

I love getting questions from readers. Jody in Ft Lauderdale sent me the following question this week: I want to throw a surprise bridal shower for my co-worker Paul who is getting married in April is there a politically correct name for throwing a bridal shower for a groom?...it's a gay wedding.... Please let me know!   More

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Managing Unexpected Bias

Many times, team members find themselves in situations they would never expect and were never trained for. I've spoken to managers who have been approached by guests expressing frustration at LGBTQ clientele in a hotel. For example, I trained a sales manager who struggled with how to respond to a guest complaining about a drag queen convention at a hotel. I've personally experienced guests at same-sex weddings come up to my team to vent and discuss their conflicted feelings about being present. Is your team prepared to respond to such bias?   More

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