¿Creo una sección aparte para las bodas igualitarias?

I have seen many questions that come from the mainstream of bloggers weddings (that is, not LGBT) on whether or not to have a separate blog for LGBT weddings section. This is a great question because there is now marriage equality across the country, a wedding is really a wedding and same-sex couples should not get special treatment for it, but equal treatment.   More

Cómo usar las imágenes de forma efectiva en tu publicidad


Cómo lidiar efectivamente con las quejas de los clientes

En la mayoría de los casos, los empleados que tienen el trato directo con el cliente son los menos capacitados para hacerlo, sin embargo, de ellos depende la experiencia de todos clientes y su decisión de volver a comprarnos, recomendarnos o por el contrario encargarse de dejar nuestra reputación por el suelo.   More

The Corporate Equality Index and Why It Matters


LGBTQ Wedding Tips if You're New to this Site


Your WeddingWire / GayWeddings.com Profile

You probably know that WeddingWire owns GayWeddings.com, and as a corporation, boldly supports the LGBTQ community. WeddingWire even has a 100 score on the Corporate Equality Index. You may also know that if you have an account on WeddingWire.com, you can check the LGBTQ-friendly box in your dashboard and show up (for free!) on GayWeddings.com.  More

Dressing the Lesbian Bride and Bridegroom


What’s the ‘Q’ in LGBTQ?

Note: this post first appeared on the WeddingWire EDU blog More

Using Social Media to Attract More LGBTQ Clients


Special Discount for Friends of GWI

The Gay Wedding Institute is proud to introduce a new partnership with The Bridal Society. The Bridal Society is the nation's leading training company providing certification for current and future wedding planners and hospitality professionals. The Bridal Society offers a live, two day training program that is appropriate for people with varying levels of expertise in the wedding industry.  More